Animal Hospital of Milton
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Milton, Ontario
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Animal Hospital of Milton
Professional Services
Our hospital offers a very complete line of professional services for your pet. Our highly competent staff is essential to the high level of care that our hospital is committed to. For your interest, we have listed below some of the major areas of service that are offered at our hospital.

Our hospital offers some laboratory services, but in instances where blood tests or specialized tests are required, we send samples to large labs in Toronto and Mississauga. We minimize turnaround time by using couriers to deliver the samples and by having results faxed to our office.

X-rays can be very helpful in making some diagnoses. They are imperative in the diagnosis of bone related problems. We also utilize contrast agents that widen the diagnostic capabilities of the x-rays.

It is important that a pet be afforded the benefit of anesthesia for otherwise painful or stressful procedures. Newer anesthetic equipment and medications allows us to provide safer anesthesia than previously possible.

Our anesthetic equipment utilizes the latest available technology. Our patients are experiencing less sedation after the anesthesia is finished. Even geriatric patients do well with these new advances.

The most important part of our anesthetic procedures is the staff that administers and monitors them. Our veterinarians and technicians take great care with our anesthetized patients both during and after the anesthesia.

Many people think of veterinary surgery as spays and neuters. Although these are, in fact, very commonly performed procedures we also provide many other important surgical services. These vary from tumor removal, orthopedics, anatomical corrections, and even cosmetic procedures.

Our hospital has a very well equipped orthopedic instrument pack. Fracture repair is much easier and effective when done with proper equipment.

Much as in human hospitals, surgeries are done with sterile packs and clothing. Specialized lighting and instrumentation are also important.

Dentistry is an important part of the care of our pets. Dental problems can result in significant pain and discomfort. Poor dental health may allow infection to spread from the mouth to other parts of the body such as the kidneys and heart valves. Also we recognize that animals with poor dental health are often somewhat depressed from the toxins absorbed from their mouth.

The most common and perhaps the most important dental procedure is simply scaling and polishing. For this we have both ultrasonic and high speed cleaning units as well as polishers. We do provide other dental care such as gingival corrections.

Our equipment is very similar to that found in a human dentist office. We are very proud of both the modern and abundant dental equipment that we have and the well trained staff that provides the dental care.

Hospital Care
This is a very important part of our hospital service. The care of a pet in the hospital is important to both its comfort and recovery.

Our staff is competent in providing care with constant monitoring by examination and testing with a multitude of diagnostic procedures. Hospitalization often includes the administration of intravenous fluids. All this is provided in a clean and sanitized environment.

Just as important as all the professional and high-tech care is the tender loving care provided by our staff - that blanket and hot water bottle that provide warmth - the extra effort to find a food that will be eaten or even hand fed. It is often that little extra effort that provides comfort and enhances the will to return to good health.